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A change MUST come

Two pandemics happening simultaneously seems so unreal but it is VERY REAL! Both impact the education system. Both are much bigger than the education system in our society and communities, yet we can no longer sweep things under the rug. 

I was listening and engaged in Facebook Live/Zoom event hosted my a local church. They had a diverse panel to discuss the current pandemic of chronic racism. One of the panelist said something that has resurfaced in my brain over the past few days. 

“Does it match with my conscious
Does it match with my community
Does it match with my caucus” ~ Representative Amos L. Quick, III

These words had me questioning my pursuit in education. When he made this statement, I believe he was sharing what he ask himself before he supports/votes on policies. Now before this week, I had already made a pact with myself to not be quiet, to speak up and speak out. Oftentimes, I have remained quiet because I dislike confrontation. I have also not signed my name on things because I don’t agree with them but many times when a policy was being discussed I talked about it later but didn’t talk to the person presenting the policy or idea. 

This must STOP! Speak up and Speak out! Often times our ideas or feelings can spark SHIFT and Effective Change! I challenge myself and every educator to be an Effective Change Agent. To SHIFT the atmosphere in the Educational System. In order to effective change agents and shift the atmosphere in education, here are three things I think you should do.

1st: Read the history of Childcare and Early Childhood Care and Education. Discover the formal and informal journey to our current systems and procedures. 

2nd: Find two Accountability Partners in Education. One of your own race and one of a different race. The purpose is to consistently make sure you don’t get stagnant in the pursuit for justice in early childhood education. Developing understanding of unique views, beliefs and practices will also take place. This builds professional trust while developing character traits that are needed to be effective in education. 

3rd: Share! Share through blogs, professional development, workrooms chats, social media, emails to politicians and community members who make policies, procedures and guidelines. Be Bold, Brave, and Courageous! 

A change must come within early childhood education. This change can’t fall on deaf ears: Performance Matters but Character Traits Matter More! We are under pressure currently and that is when our character traits are usually revealed to ourselves. When everything is going fine, we often just perform for the educational system. No

So just as Rep. Amos Quick asked himself so must we as educators. Join me in SHIFTing the atmosphere in Early Childhood. Let’s take steps for effective Change and Justice!!

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