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Building Confidence… It must continue after Pre-K

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Confidence is created at home and in school. — Margo Ford

While venturing out to the grocery store, I ran into a previous parent. I asked how the child was doing and the parent said great since we have been home. They shared the child was having some challenges while school was in with the teacher. The parents were getting calls about behavior but few calls centered around anything positive. 

I instantly thought, Teachers are so pressured to get data completed or meet a academic goal that they often forget their authentic passion of teaching. Before teaching begins, a true educator will tell you it takes building a relationship with that child. The student must understand who and how the teacher operates as well as the teacher must learn personalities and needs of each child. 
I am passionate about build relationships and affirmations. I loved when they incorporated I can statements into classrooms, yes it was centered around academic skills but it gave students the power to prompt self confidence in academic skills. Imagine if I can statements resurfaced in classrooms but geared toward social and emotional learning.

Go check out my published article and let me know what you think and also how we can bring back self confidence as a prerequisite to academic success.

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