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At TLC, we have an immense love for the youngest members of our society – the babies. We strongly believe that children are the heart and soul of our work, and they deserve the utmost care and attention. Our commitment begins right from birth, as we understand that the early years shape the trajectory of their future selves.

Our founder often emphasizes the significance of building a solid foundation during these early childhood years. With a dedicated focus on this critical stage of development, we tirelessly strive to offer a range of resources, advocacy, and nurturing support to ensure that these precious little ones receive the best possible start in life.

We take great pride in being advocates for these smallest stakeholders and remain deeply committed to their growth and education.

We welcome you to take a moment and immerse yourself in this heartfelt gallery capturing our esteemed founder devotedly engaging with children in various settings. Whether guiding, playing, or celebrating their achievements, Margo’s genuine passion for education and unwavering dedication shine brilliantly in each captured moment. Join us in experiencing the joy and inspiration overflowing from these beautiful images.

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Whether you’re an educator committed to providing exceptional learning experiences or a childcare facility owner seeking valuable insights, our services are designed with the children at heart. Experience the magic firsthand as our esteemed founder or our team members visit your classroom, offering engaging activities, author’s book signings, and valuable resources. Let us join you on this educational journey, together uplifting and empowering the young minds we serve. Let’s make a difference. Here is a list of the bookings that we offer. 


  • Classroom Visits
  • Author Book Signings
  • Resource Distribution
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Consulting
  • NC State Certified Trainings

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Introducing “Mirrors Up,” a powerful book of affirmations carefully crafted by our founder, Margo Ford Crosby, with the intent of instilling confidence in children. This beloved book has found its way into classrooms and homes across the nation, offering an invaluable tool for inspiring young minds. As both an educator and a parent, Margo has poured her heart into each page, presenting a unique affirmation for children to repeat while an adult reads alongside. The vibrant illustrations not only captivate little ones but also serve as a vessel for planting seeds of pride and confidence deep within their subconscious, ensuring these positive beliefs last a lifetime.