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Could “Professional Development” become a thing of the past in ECE?

A Early Care and Learning Consulting Firm in Guilford County, NC could effectively shift what Professional Development looks like in Early Childhood .

The practice of holding Professional Development such as lectures, webinars, workshops, and trainings quarterly, on teacher work days, and or at the start or conclusion of a program year has been the norm for so long. Many Educators argue it is a waste of time and lacks impactful and effective growth mindset opportunities.

TLC Consulting offers Professional Learning Opportunities which is an effective “twist” and enhancement to what we know as Professional Development. Agencies, Organizations, and Childcare operations would have the opportunity to partner with TLC Consulting to not only provide required trainings, but also provide group and or individual coaching, observation and hands on accountability to achieve excellence for our youngest citizens and their families.

This framework has already been tested and approved by some NC agencies.

“We know there is an opportunity gap for Early Childhood in our Educational System. This framework we offer at TLC is a slow cooker investment to enhancing our educational system at the foundation,” the founder of TLC Consulting, Margo Ford Crosby , shared on her LinkedIn page.

If this framework becomes the norm for agencies in North Carolina, we could potentially begin to see a shift in moral of early care and learning educators and champions.

Margo Ford Crosby is also a Career and College Manager at a local high school. She sees students eager to join the early childhood workforce, yet experience learning environments where educators are burnt out. She believes the burnout comes from lack of Professional Learning Opportunities.

“An early care and learning educator thrives when relationships have been built with an accountability partner as well as intentions opportunities of self reflection. These are things that happen within our TLC PLO Framework,” said Ford Crosby. “By encouraging educator agency we can shift the moral of the educators which impact the learning opportunities and care for our youngest citizens within our communities.”

At TLC we believe we are better together when we Focus on the Foundation™️ ! It is imperative that we begin to shift our policies, procedures, and practices within early care and learning as society changes! We look forward to a future

We look forward to a future of Professional Learning Opportunities! Check out TLC for all your PLO needs.


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