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Did you wash your hands?

Anyone who works in the Early Childhood field has asked this question to a child in a learning environment. If it is a licensed facility, you actually get scored based on the types of questions you ask as well as if students know how to properly wash their hands. 

I’m slightly germa phobic and have a bad habit of playing the story of what could happen if people are exposed to germs. So this entire pandemic has given me slight anxiety because yet again, I have told myself stories of how this will play out in an early learning environment. 

I model washing hands and cleanliness in my classroom. I believe the students I serve leave having knowledge and understanding of germs. Also they learn the value of washing hands and how important it is in daily living. Adults also begin to value the importance of washing hands encouraged by children’s reactions when they see sinks in different environments.

Washing hands is one of those lifelong skills you must learn and continue to practice in all environments! 

While watching TV, movies, etc. My honey always laughs because I critique those who don’t wash hands, or walk in from work and just start eating. Yes, I understand it’s just TV and that would take up more screen time which has little to do with the storyline. However, children learn by watching. TV is very influential in our society. We have the power to place lessons within the storylines of TV shows and movies. 

Don’t get me wrong most of the movies I’m watching children shouldn’t be watching but reality is children watch things they shouldn’t watch by my standards. Also adults mimic what they watch. We want children and people to wash hands, make it happen on a screen. You desire people to wear mask, put it on TV. 

Can we start a petition for the writers of TV shows to include scenes of washing hands and wearing mask? Seriously, families are at home spending time together or in survival mode. Either way TV watching is most likely at an all time high. Power in the TV! Let’s use it for good and incorporate life long lessons within the shows. 

Tag a TV show writer or someone who can help us get the word out!

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