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At TLC, our mission is to support educators like you in fostering a growth mindset and staying at the forefront of professional development. We offer a wide range of trainings, inspiring keynote speeches, and so much more to empower you in your educational journey.

We believe that true learning is a two-way street. While we may serve as trainers, we recognize the immense value in learning from the educators we encounter. We understand that being an educator means going beyond simply teaching. It involves a multifaceted approach that encompasses nurturing, guiding, and inspiring our students.

As dedicated educators ourselves, we are committed to providing you with the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive in your role. Together, let’s embrace the joy of continuous learning and create a positive impact on the lives of our students.

We invite you to take a moment and explore this gallery showcasing our esteemed founder engaging with educators at various events. Whether speaking for, speaking to, or honoring educators, Margo’s passion and dedication to the field of education shine through in every interaction. Take a look and be inspired by the moments captured in these images.

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Whether you’re a dedicated educator seeking professional growth and development, a visionary childcare facility owner in need of expert consultation, or a passionate principal striving to inspire your team, we have tailored plans just for you. Allow us to arrange a visit from our esteemed founder or one of our knowledgeable team members, delivering the invaluable TLC value right to your site. Together, we will elevate your educational journey to new heights.

Here is a list of the bookings that we offer. 

  • Classroom Visits
  • Author Book Signings
  • Resource Distribution
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Consulting
  • NC State Certified Trainings

resources for educators

Early Childhood Action Plan

The North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan outlines a cohesive vision, sets benchmarks for impact by the year 2025, and establishes shared stakeholder accountability to achieve statewide goals for young children from birth through age 8.

North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development

The 2013 North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development is now available. This version updates and combines the previous Foundations documents.

North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children. NCAEYC

As a professional membership association, we work to serve and connect our members to: each other, resources, networks, high quality professional development and advocacy opportunities.

National ECE Workforce Center

The National Early Care and Education (ECE) Workforce Center is a joint research and technical assistance center.

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