Focused on The Foundation

We Advocate for all stakeholders in early childhood education

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Staff Training and Professional Development

Our firm provides customized training sessions for early childhood educators to enhance their teaching skills, keep them up to date with the latest practices, and promote continuous improvement.

*DCDEE approved trainings available.

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Keynote Speaking

A Passionate on Purpose Advocate: Keynote Speaking for Early Care and Learning Champions Focused on the Foundation: Early Childhood Keynote Speaker Series provides a dynamic and inspiring experience designed for individuals passionate about fostering excellence in early childhood education. Through engaging presentations and interactive discussions, our keynote speaker ignites a fire within attendees, encouraging them to nurture and support the growth of the next generation. Join us as we unite as champions of early care and learning, dedicated to planting the seeds of knowledge and fueling big dreams for our little ones.

Leadership and Management Workshops

Our consultants provide leadership and management coaching for administrators, empowering them to drive positive change within their early learning center.

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Specialized Consultations

We offer specialized consultations on a range of topics, such as inclusion and diversity, child assessment and evaluation, behavior management, and more.

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 Your Champion Connection for scheduling a conversation with a champion in early care and education. They can provide strategies and insights on advocacy opportunities, conferences, state licensing, curriculum, and more related to early childhood.