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At TLC, we embrace the power of unity and collaboration. Our founder’s unwavering belief in the concept of “Better together” is the driving force behind our mission. We humbly extend an invitation to you to embark upon a journey of personal growth alongside us. Through various avenues like consulting, inspiring keynote speaking engagements, or engaging book signings by our esteemed authors, our primary focus is on you as an individual. Without your presence, none of our efforts would hold meaning. We genuinely value the opportunity to connect with you, be it at your physical facilities or virtual meeting spaces. When we emphasize that we are better together, it is not mere rhetoric; it encompasses our heartfelt dedication to working hand in hand towards shared goals. Together, let’s make a difference and achieve great things.

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Whether you’re an educator committed to providing exceptional learning experiences or a childcare facility owner seeking valuable insights, our services are designed with the children at heart. Experience the magic firsthand as our esteemed founder or our team members visit your classroom, offering engaging activities, author’s book signings, and valuable resources. Let us join you on this educational journey, together uplifting and empowering the young minds we serve. Let’s make a difference. Here is a list of the bookings that we offer. 


  • Classroom Visits
  • Author Book Signings
  • Resource Distribution
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Consulting
  • NC State Certified Trainings

bring Margo Ford Crosby and her book of affirmations," Mirrors up" to you.

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